Team Kumite


Use this to register for the Team Kumite divisions. Only one registration is required for teams. Teams may be composed of any combination of rank.

A team is composed of three (3) members and one alternate. The same team can also register Team Kata for free (enter Team Captain and Team Member 2 names and ranks exactly the same on both to get the discount). Enter the team names, Captain first, and alternate last; with their rank in parenthesis, thus:

Team Captain (rank)
Competitor 2 (rank)
Competitor 3 (rank)
Alternate (rank) – optional

Competitor names will not be shared with non-registered visitors to the website. To also opt out of sharing your name with other registered participants on the list of all current divisions and competitors, check the box for ‘Anonymous in Listing’.

Additional information


Collegiate, Youth, Adult, Senior 45+


Combined, Men, Women


Team registration is as a group.


* Denotes a Required Field

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