Youth Competition Team

Competition team training is by invitation only. Anyone competing in upcoming tournaments must attend team training. This class enhances students’ speed, focus, timing, accuracy & efficiency of movement for regional, national & international competition.

Students on the competition team are encourage to train hard with commitment in class. They are also required to attend a minimum of 2 tournaments per year.

US TEAM MEMBERS: Competed in World level tournament.

  • Rosh Torres
  • Zuri Yip
  • Ciara Stuhler
  • Philip Hu
  • Brian Ng

ELITE TEAM MEMBERS: Placed in National & International level tournament.

  • Cylie Stuhler
  • Carrie Lei
  • Yuki Torres
  • Sammy Yeung

A-TEAM MEMBERS: Placed 1st in Regional & Invitational Tournament.

  • Justin Huwe
  • Polina Zamalin
  • Christoper Yu
  • Cherilyn Yu
  • Tyler Ho
  • Riley Ho
  • Jun Jun Chan
  • Bingxi Chan