JKA/AF Tournament Rules

The following rules apply to all divisions.


A. Contestants may not perform kata in competition higher than that required for their next promotion examination. The table below indicates the appropriate kata for each rank.
B. In the case of team kata, the kata performed must be in accordance with the status of the lowest ranking member of the team.
Rank Permitted Kata
Ungraded Heian 1
8 kyu Heian 1-2
7 kyu Heian 1-3
6 kyu Heian 1-4
5 kyu Heian 1-5
4 kyu Heian 1-5 Tekki 1
3 kyu thru 1 kyu Heian 1-5, Tekki 1, Jion, Bassai-Dai, Empi, Kanku-Dai
Shodan & above Any kata may be performed

Adult black belt kata competition, both men and women, will follow JKA rules with elimination rounds.


All matches will be “Shobu Ippon Kumite”. JKA rules will be used.
One (1) Point Match – Two (2) wazari ‐ Two (2) Minutes

IMPORTANT: All kumite contestants must wear a mouthpiece and white naugahyde gloves.

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