Dojo Kun

The “Dojo Kun” (translated as the Dojo Vow, the Dojo Motto, or the Dojo Oath) is recited at the end of all class sessions. The students all line up in rank order, formally bow (“Rei”) to the front (“Shomen”), then sit in seated position “Seiza”*. After meditating “Mokuso” on the class for a few minutes, the most senior Senpai will recite each line at a time; the whole class repeats each line back.

More advanced classes will first recite the Dojo Kun in Japanese, followed by English. Beginning classes will recite the Dojo Kun in English only. The most important part is to understand each line; the Dojo Kun embodies everything we are trying to achieve through the physical effort of Karate training.

Seek Perfection of Character!
Hitotsu! Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto.

Be Faithful!
Hitotsu! Makoto no Michi O Mamoru Koto.

Hitotsu! Doryoku no Seishin O Yashinau Koto.

Respect Others!
Hitotsu! Reigi O Omonzuru Koto.

Refrain from Violent Behavior!
Hitotsu! Kekki No Yu O Imashimuru Koto.

After reciting the Dojo Kun, the class will bow from the seated position to the front (“Shomen-ni Rei”), and to Sensei (“Sensei-ni Rei”).

* Some people, for medical reasons, are unable to sit in Seiza. These students must talk to the instructor “Sensei” or senior student “Senpai” before class to get instructions for how to stand during Mokuso.

JKA Belt Ranking

White 10th-9th kyu
Yellow 8th kyu
Orange 7th kyu
Green 6th kyu
Purple 5th kyu
Purple 4th kyu
Brown 3rd kyu
Brown 2nd kyu


1st kyu

1st Dan

JKA Katas

  1. Heian shodan
  2. Heian nidan
  3. Heian sandan
  4. Heian yondan
  5. Heian godan
  6. Tekki shodan
  7. Tekki nidan
  8. Tekki sandan
  9. Bassai dai
  10. Bassai sho
  11. Kanku dai
  12. Kanku sho
  13. Enpi
  14. Jion
  15. Jiin
  16. Jitte
  17. Wankan
  18. Sochin
  19. Unsu
  20. Gankaku
  21. Chinte
  22. Nijushiho
  23. Meikyo
  24. Hangetsu
  25. Gojushiho sho
  26. Gojushiho dai

Basic Karate Terminologies


  1. Ichi
  2. Ni
  3. San
  4. Shi
  5. Go
  6. Roku
  7. Shichi
  8. Hachi
  9. Kyu
  10. Ju

Level of targets

Jodan Face
Chudan Chest
Gedan Lower abdomen


Zenkutsu dachi Forward stance
Kokutsu dachi Back stance
Kiba dachi Straddling horse stance
Neko Ashi dachi Cat stance
Fudo dachi Rooted stance
Hangetsu dachi Half-moon stance
Sanchin dachi Foot ahead stance
Kosa dachi Feet crossed stance


Mae geri Front kick
Yoko geri Side kick
Yoko kekomi Side thrust kick
Ushiro geri Back kick
Mawashi geri Round house kick
Ura mawashi geri Reverse round house kick
Mikazuki geri Crescent kick
Fumikomi geri Stamping kick


Oi zuki Lunge punch
Gyaku zuki Reverse punch
Kizami zuki Jab punch
Age zuki Rising punch
Tate zuki Vertical punch
Yama zuki Mountain punch/triangle punch
Awase zuki Palm facing double punch
Kagi zuki Hooking punch
Ura zuki Close range/short punch
Hasami zuki Scissor punch
Morote zuki double punch

Blocking Techniques

Age Uke Rising block
Soto Uke Outside forearm block
Uchi Uke Inside forearm block
Gedan barai Downward block
Shuto Uke Knife hand block
Tate shuto uke Vertical knife hand block

Striking Techniques

Uraken Uchi Back fist strike
Haito Uchi Ridge hand strike
Shuto Uchi Knife hand strike
Enpi Uchi Elbow strike
Hiza Uchi Knee strike

Types of Kumite

Gohon kumite Five-Step sparring
Kihon-ippon kumite One-Step basic sparring
Jiyu-ippon kumite Semi-free sparring
Jiyu kumite Free sparring



CHARACTER: The study of karate is not just the physical activities we practice. Even more than building a strong body, it is about building a strong character.

CONFIDENCE: The skills you learn in karate and the achievement of reaching goals you have set through hard work build your confidence in yourself, carrying over the rest of life.

DISCIPLINE: Karate requires you to develop good habits and exercise self-control as you train. It is also requires you to make the effort necessary to achieve your goal.

FOCUS: Karate challenges you to think as much as you act. You learn to focus with your eyes, mind and body. Learning the forms and movements reinforces working memory.

FITNESS: Make no mistake: karate is a great workout! It is a total body workout building stamina, muscle tone, balance and strength.



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