Welcome to JKA NorCal Shotokan Karate!

We are a traditional Shotokan Karate club affiliated with the Japan Karate Association American Federation. To find out more about the karate club, go to the about us page. We have kids & adult karate classes six days a week, at the Prime Time athletic club in Burlingame, about 20 minutes south of San Francisco. If you’d like to train with us, please see our schedule and contact us to find out more.

Our blog page contains information about past and upcoming events, to which you can subscribe to get email updates. Osu!

2017 JKA/AF Summer Camp

Thursday June 8th, 2017

This year’s JKA AF summer camp in New Orleans will be held June 8-11, 2017. The summer camp is the yearly event for all of us to get together and get acquainted with JKA AF and its members beyond the confines of our dojos and regions. JKA NorCal plans to attend the camp – talk to Sensei Wauriman or Sensei Christina for more information.

Imura Takenori
Imura Takenori
Vice General Manager of Technical Division

The JKAAF is excited to announce that Sensei Imura Takenori from Japan will be Guest Instructor at this year’s summer camp in New Orleans. Sensei Imura is 8th Dan and Vice General Manager of the Technical Division in JKA. He is currently the second-most-senior instructor at the JKA headquarters http://jka.or.jp/en/about/instructors-2.html

In addition, all proceeds from the camp after expenses will support the US Team members representing us at the JKA Funakoshi Cup (Shotocup), August 18-20, in Ireland.

Sensei Khim Visit and Clinic

Saturday January 28th, 2017

Sensei Khim Torres visited and gave a clinic on Saturday January 28th in the morning, followed by belt testing.

The two hour clinic was held at the same time as the normal Saturday morning class in the basketball court and had great attendance.

Senpai Sean leads a warmup
Sensei Wauriman consults with students before the test


2016 JKA/AF National Training Camp qualified JKA NorCal instructor/judge/examiner

Monday June 13th, 2016

We had a really nice event at University of New Orleans (UNO) this month at JKA/AF’s National Training Camp. This year’s guest instructor was Sensei Okuma who was so very passionate in his teaching and inspiring as an instructor.

Not only were his classes invigorating, his quick wit and humor was quite enjoyable since he taught his classes in English! Additionally, he took time to review with us JKA’s gold standard judging principles and best practices. Sensei Mikami and Sensei Okuma presided over the Dan exams and JKA qualification exams for instructor, judge and examiner. All our JKA NorCal instructors passed their certification – congratulations to:

Doug Mazur – JKA “D” Judge and “D” Instructor
Wauriman Borges – JKA “D” Judge and “D” Instructor and “D” Examiner
John Sam – JKA “C” Judge
Christina Foo – JKA “C” Examiner

This year was special to attend national camp welcoming Sensei Wauriman to JKA NorCal; introducing our camp experience with our brand new Shodans Sean Kelley and Alan Ropers and building new skill set with our budding instructor/judges Doug Mazur and John Sam … all under our beloved instructor Khim Torres’ leadership before he takes off for his adventure with JKA Maine!

Thanks to Sean (dojo concierge) for arranging a beautiful setting with AirBnB lodging and driving us about town. And Alan (dojo photographer) for photo documenting our experience. And John (dojo chef) for the scrumptious meal – you gave some of you for our culinary delight!

2016-06-09 16.25.10
JNC at camp

2014 Funakoshi World Karate Cup

Friday October 17th, 2014

A great turn out! Thank you to everyone that supported our very own JKA NorCal (US team members) who participated in the recent Funakoshi World Karate Cup held in Tokyo, Japan. This is a world tournament that is held every 3 years – hosted in Japan this year. 53 countries participated with estimated numbers of more than 1200 world-class competitors.

JKA NorCal representatives in the USA team (from left): Zuri Yip, Sensei Christina Foo (coach), Sensei Khim Torres, Phillip Hu, Ciara Stuhler
JKA NorCal representatives in the USA team (from left):
Zuri Yip, Sensei Christina Foo (coach), Sensei Khim Torres, Phillip Hu, Ciara Stuhler

Our JKA NorCal team performed very well when considering most are first-time competitors in a world level tournament. The team was headed and coached by Sensei Christina Foo (5th degree black belt), who is an experienced, world-class karate-ka herself.

USA Team and coaches
USA Team and coaches

Here are some pictures of the USA team Kata:

USA Team Kata


Sensei Khim Kumite
Sensei Khim team kumite match.

photo 3


Our team fought hard and everyone had a great time in Japan – making new friends from different countries and sharing experiences and cultures. These were memories to last a lifetime for our young team.

Tournament Results:

  1. Philip Hu – placed 6th in kata, boys 9 yrs old
  2. Ciara Stuhler – competed in kata & kumite, girls 12-13 yrs old
  3. Zuri Yip – placed 6th in kata, female 16-18 yrs old
  4. Rosh Torres – tied to 4th/5th place in kata, male 16-18 yrs old
  5. Sensei Khim Torres – placed 6th in men’s team kata with team mates from Chicago (IL) & Miami (FL)

Once again, thank you all for your kind help and support. We are already setting our sights for the team to work hard towards preparing for the next world championship!