Ozawa Cup (Mar 28-31, 2013)

JKA NorCal competed in the Ozawa Cup and did very well. This international event was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and had over 800 competitors. Our dojo is listed as one of the Top 5 schools with most Gold Medals as well as in the Top 12 schools with the most number of medals.


Men’s Kumite Team photos at the awards ceremony:


The Philippine youth team came to visit our Dojo before the event, and also competed at the tournament.


Here are the JKA NorCal results:

Individual Competition:

  1. Philip Hu – 1st kata & 2nd kumite
  2. Carrie Lei -1st kumite & 2nd kata
  3. Cylie Stuhler – 2nd kumite
  4. Ciara Stuhler – 1st kumite & 2nd kata
  5. Zuri Yip – 3rd kumite
  6. Rosh Torres – 1st kata & 1st kumite
  7. Yuki Torres – 3rd kumite & 3rd kata
  8. Polina Zamalin – competed
  9. Camri Stuhler – competed
  10. Justin Huwe – competed
  11. Daejin Abidoye – competed
  12. Brian Ng – competed
  13. John Sam – competed
  14. Mathew Bittleston – competed

Men’s team kumite – 3rd Place

  1. John Sam
  2. Mathew Bittleston
  3. Khim Torres
  4. Daejin Abidoye

Congratulations to everyone!

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