JKA/AF Nationals 2012

We had a great time in New Orleans for the JKA / AF Nationals 2012.

JKA NorCal competitors at JKA/AF Nationals 2012
The JKA Nor Cal competitors

Fourteen students and both senseis from our dojo competed in New Orleans this year. Most of the competitors brought home medals in their divisions:

Cylie Stuhler: 1st place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Yuki Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Ciara Stuhler: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Camri Stuhler: 3rd place Kata
Rosh Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Brian Ng: 3rd place Kata
Zuri Yip: 2nd place Kata, 3rd place Kumite
Christina Foo: 2nd place Kata (Sr Black Belt), 2nd place Kumite (Sr Black Belt), 3rd place Kata (Black Belt), 3rd place Kumite (Black Belt)
Hans Schultz: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Khim Torres: 2nd place Kata, 2nd place Kumite
Emerson Malalos: 3rd place Kata

Youth Team Kata: 3rd place (Camri, Ciara, Zuri)
Men Team Kata: 2nd place (Khim, Emerson, John)
Women Team Kumite: 3rd place (Christina, Jenn, Joyce)
Men Team Kumite: 3rd place (Khim, John, Mathew)

Here are some photos from the tournament:

Thank you to the families for their support!

The full JKA Nor Cal Team and Parents
The JKA Nor Cal Medalists and Families


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