Photos on Karate Promotion and Joint Training (2/6/10)

It’s been a year .. JKA NorCal passed our first year anniversary 2/1/10. What better way to celebrate this milestone than to stand up and train! And train jointly with our Prime Time karate kids – to get to know them better, role model and demonstrate good techniques and training discipline they can aspire for. It was also a great opportunity for their family to meet & greet the rest of JKA NorCal members.

Many thanks to Prime Time for the pizza & cake for this celebration. And congratulations to all who received their new promotion ranks and acknowledgement for good training!

Photos are up from the promotion and joint training!!!

Album Name: Karate Promotion and Joint Training

To receive a copy of any image, please email Kore Chan at with the album name and photo number of each desired photo. (Photo numbers can be found in the captions of each image)

Samples displayed below:

Author: Kore Chan

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