Sensei Mikami in the Bay Area 10/13/12

We are so proud to welcome our six (6) new JKA NorCal SHODANs!  We thank Sensei Mikami for coming to the Bay Area for our DAN/KYU test on October 13, 2012.  Welcome JKA/AF LAS VEGAS dojo as well for joining us in Sensei Mikami’s Clinic and testing/certifying with JKA.

Congratulations to our JKA NorCal dojo’s new Blackbelts!

Justin Huwe
Camri Stuhler
Ciara Stuhler
Audrey Durazzo
Kim Masayuki Torres
Jennifer Madore

And Las Vegas dojo’s new certified JKA Nidans!

Gedion Soulimen
Maynard Bagang
Bienvenido Dones

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