2017 JKA/AF Summer Camp Announcement

This year’s Japan Karate Association American Federation summer camp in New Orleans will be held June 8-11, 2017. The summer camp is the yearly event for all of us to get together and get acquainted with JKA AF and its members beyond the confines of our dojos and regions. JKA NorCal plans to attend the camp – talk to Sensei Wauriman or Sensei Christina for more information.

Here is the latest updated camp packet:


Imura Takenori
General Manager of Technical Division

The JKAAF is excited to announce that Sensei Imura Takenori from Japan will be Guest Instructor at this year’s summer camp in New Orleans. Sensei Imura is 8th Dan and General Manager of the Technical Division in the Japan Karate Association. He is currently the second-most-senior instructor at the JKA headquarters https://www.jka.or.jp/en/instructors/

In addition, all proceeds from the camp after expenses will support the US Team members representing us at the JKA Funakoshi Cup (Shotocup), August 18-20, in Ireland.

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