JKA AF Nationals 2009

Congratulations JKA NorCal for an impressive showing at JKA American Federation 2009 National Tournament in New Orleans, LA. Dedication to training and commitment to excellence resulted in awesome results for the team. And best of all, we made our goal – everyone came home with a medal:

JKA NorCal team

Sensei Khim – 2 Bronze (Individual Mens Kumite & Kata); 2 Silver (Team Mens Kumite & Kata)

Hideaki Hayashi – 1 Silver (Team Mens Kumite)

John Sam – 2 Silver (Team Mens Kumite & Kata)

Shin Ikuno – 1 Gold (Youth Kata) and 1 Silver (Youth Kumite); 1 Silver (Team Mens Kata)

Rosh Torres – 2 Gold (Children Kumite & Kata)

Yuki Torres – 2 Bronze (Children Kumite & Kata)

Garren Lum – 1 Bronze (Children Kata)

Silvia Fernandez – 2 Silver (Womens Adult and Womens Collegiate Kata)

Christina Foo – 2 Gold (Senior Women Kumite & Kata); 2 Silver (Individual Womens Kumite & Kata)

(see full results of tournament at JKA AF site)

A huge thank you to our friends & family who came on the trip with us and made the experience memorable! Esteban Arcuate who showed persistence and good cheer despite a hectic travel to our venue and taught us to make the best of a situation and enjoy the moments. Nan Santiago and Grande Lum who took care of us as “superb” parents of the team and was there in almost every ring helping us get footage of memorable moments. Hermina Fonticiella who gave helpful advice for a sick boy and a keen eye/feedback for karate. And Mike Gomez for your generous friendship when celebrating at ACME’s Seafood – hope to see you again soon.

JKA NorCal family

We look forward to more of our students sharing this wonderful experience with us and exploring more of New Orleans people and cuisine next year!

(check out JKA NorCal 2010 calendar that photo documented our trip)

A nice article on our event published in Prime Time Athletic Club Newsletter in “Athlete of the Edition”.  Here is the original with more pics and quotes from Nan.

Prime Time Karate Program instructor and members bring home medals at National Championships in New Orleans, LA (Nov 7-8, 2009)

Instructor Khim Torres, a seasoned competitor who has represented both his native Philippines and the US National teams, began teaching at Prime Time’s Karate Program in February 2009. Sensei Khim comes from a three-generation karate family.  He began training at the age of four with his father, Sensei Ruperto, and now instructs his sons Rosh and Masayuki.  Khim has a degree in Psychology and worked as a health, music and physical education teacher before migrating to the United States in 2002.  He is now a full-time karate instructor.

Khim led a team of nine Prime Time members to the Japan Karate Association American Federation’s National Championship in New Orleans, LA – and everyone returned home with a medal!   Part of the lifetime discipline of training and wellness in the martial arts program, Sensei Khim brings his experiences in competition to the curriculum by inspiring a higher aspiration beyond belt promotion among our kids and members.


This year, the Santiago-Lum family took on the challenge by bringing their son Garren to New Orleans for his first National tournament as a green belt.  Their commitment to this endeavor included attending extra Saturday tournament training classes a month before the event.  Garren came home with a bronze medal for sparring and a renewed confidence and attitude for life.


I enjoyed being a part of this journey! Garren had a blast too! He is even more responsible when we came back from the trip…taking the doggie out for her doggie business in the AM. Karate has done wonderful things in terms of discipline for him.” – Nan Santiago-Lum.

“The whole experience of the tournament was very exciting.  It is my first tournament and I will try my best to do well so that my parents will take me again next year.  The food was very good too, especially ACME seafood.” — Garren Lum

We look forward to many more successes in our Prime Time Karate Program in 2010.  Congratulations to Sensei Khim and our members for all of your hard work!

Happy Training!

JKA NorCal team arriving on the day of the JKA AF National Tournament

The 2009 JKA American Federation National Tournament is this November 7 and 8th in New Orleans!  A group of your fellow students, practioners and friends will be going to represent JKA NorCal this year.  Below is the information for our flight, hotel and more details about the tournament.  Please feel free to contact Sensei or any of your Sempais for more information.  We welcome everyone to come out to participate or cheer us on.



Tournament Brochure


Air Trans Airway

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Flight 38 [Non-Stop]

Departing San Francisco, CA (SFO) at 11:59 PM

Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 07:35 AM

— Connecting To —

Friday, November 06, 2009

Flight 463 [Non-Stop]

Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 09:30 AM

Arriving New Orleans, LA (MSY) at 10:03 AM

Monday, November 09, 2009

Flight 447 [Non-Stop]

Departing New Orleans, LA (MSY) at 04:08 PM

Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 06:33 PM

— Connecting To —

Monday, November 09, 2009

Flight 67 [Non-Stop]

Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 08:40 PM

Arriving San Francisco, CA (SFO) at 11:12 PM


(Sempai Christina Foo is getting more information on a group discount, so more information to come)

Ramada Limited Metairie


2713 North Causeway

Metairie, LA 70002

(504) 835-4141

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