Self Defense Class Photos (3/30/10)

Self Defense: Prepare yourself for a “fighting chance” …

We devote ourselves and our family to wellness and well-being – eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and surrounding ourselves with good friends and family. A discipline in itself to best prepare you to “seize the day”, “take on life’s challenges” and “be the best you can be” everyday – at work, at school, among friends and family. Then there’s that harsh reality of “the chance” you may find yourself “in a sticky situation” – how prepared are you?

How prepared are you to be more aware of your surroundings?
How prepared are you to continue to breathe while you are gripped with fear?
How prepared are you to react, create an opening for an escape?
How prepared are you to control yourself? control the situation?

Prime Time’s Karate Instructor Khim Torres and Japan Karate Association (JKA) Northern California students will be hosting a Self Defense class on Thursday March 30th from 7:30pm – 8:30pm in Studio 2. A free seminar open to any Prime Time member (men and women).

The class will introduce you to some basic techniques – “how to” get out of an unwarranted embrace; “how to” breath calmly so as not to panic and pass out; where to hit to be most effective; “how to” use your hands, your elbows, you knees when you have no weapons as defense and much, much more.

They will also share with you their passion for martial arts and how the training and discipline prepares them for self-defense – the muscle memory, the controlled breathing, the body conditioning, the alertness and reaction; and all around wellness – good posture, better balance, limberness and self-control.

Come join in and take advantage of the different programs offered to you here at Prime Time Athletic Club – learn how to better prepare yourself to take on the day!

Some highlights from the Self Defense Class.

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Some video clips of the demo:



…and some pictures:

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