Ozawa Cup 2010

We’re back from Vegas after a very successful tournament for JKA AF/NorCal at this year’s 2010 Ozawa Cup (April 1-4). It is an International Karate Tournament to honor Shihan Osamu Ozawa – a popular open tournament promoting Peace, Unity and Harmony amongst karatekas training in any style of traditional karate (a core value which our dojo embraces). Additionally, we represented JKA AF team in support of our JKA AF Chief Instructor Takayuki Mikami who is officiating at this event as Advisor & Chief Referee.  For more details, check out www.ozawacup.com

Ozawa Cup 2010 JKA AF Team with Sensei Mikami

Our training plan these past few months have paid off – our dojo brought in 12 medals totaling JKA AF’s 16 medals at this tournament. A commendable performance for a team of 10 competitors. Many thanks to Sensei Mikami who treated us to dinner after a successful “finals” on Sunday.

An an added treat for this experience is getting to know and train with our new team mates in JKA AF from Miami and New Orleans (Andres, Ray & Holly). Good training, good cheer, good camaraderie and celebration. Looking forward to reconvene in June at 2010 JKA AF National Camp in New Orleans …

JKA NorCal's Brian Ng & family

And many thanks to JKA NorCal’s Brian Ng & family  (Kenneth, May, Yvonne and Melinda) who were so supportive driving in from Bay Area to share in Brian’s new experience competing at an international tournament and cheering on the JKA NorCal team at the venue.  We had great fun at CircusCircus to celebrate with the kids – thanks for taking us there.  We wish them more fun days during their Spring Break visiting the Grand Canyon!


JKA AF/NorCal Men’s Team Kata (Gold) – Khim Torres, John Sam & Shin Ikuno
JKA AF Women’s Team Kumite (Bronze) – Christina Foo, Raymunda Semana & Holly Damico

Khim Torres – Individual Men’s Kumite (Gold) 18-34yrs
Christina Foo – Senior 1 Women’s Kumite (Gold) 35-45 yrs; Senior 1 Women’s Kata (Silver)
Raymunda Semana – Individual Women’s Kata (Silver) 18-34yrs; Individual Women’s Kumite (Bronze)
John Sam – WKF Men’s Kumite (Bronze) 18-34yrs
Shin Ikuno – Youth Male Kumite (Silver) 15-17yrs; Youth Male Kata (Bronze)
Kym Yoroshiku Torres – Junior Male Kumite (Bronze) 10-12yrs; Junior Male Kata (Bronze)

Brian Ng – Junior Male Kata & Kumite (brown belt participation) 10-12yrs
Kim Masayuki Torres – Junior Male Kata & Kumite (brown belt participation) 8-9yrs

Congratulations to all the hard work and training JKA NorCal team!
Thank you Sensei Mikami for the celebratory dinner at Flamingo’s Paradise Buffet …
Thanks to folks from Doctor Hoy’s – love that healing potion on our aches & bruises …
And Debbie Eidelman, thank you for the nice excursion to Las Vegas Chinatown. We had a nice departing meal at Sam’s BBQ …

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