Fall into the groove with training, Nationals is fast approaching …

A fabulous summer with good instruction and strong basic training paying off with success in KYU examinations and DAN testing. Congratulations to all who passed their belt promotions and certifications. What fun we had in celebration of the hard work!

In keeping with tradition, we celebrated one of our new DAN certification with Beach Training at Pomponio State Beach in California’s West Coast on 21Aug2010 (congratulations PatBurns on Nidan!). A beautiful venue for karate pictures in scenic background. Much thanks to Kore Chan and dad, David for our memorable pictures. In fact, we compiled some good footage for our new JKA NorCal 2011 Calendar poster.

Over the summer, we also took time to participate in some local events building ties with our martial arts community and introducing more of our students to “special training”. Well done everyone – glad to see you all exploring new experiences.

We have been keeping up with our planned curriculum with John Sam’s 2nd Series of Conditioning this year when summer ended. As well lots of basic training (as prescribed by Sensei Kurasako over the summer) preparing for KYU and DAN examination.

The results can be attested at our recent Fall Belt Promotion and League on October 16th. Congratulations, everyone showed marked improvement and good spirit at the league. Check out the results on our blog with more pictures posted.

Upcoming next is an awesome camp in Miami, FL with reknown JKA instructor Shiina for a week! He returns for an encore camp at Miami Shotokan Karate Club and the Univ. of Miami from 10/26/10 – 10/31/10 (for only U$150) info. A year ago April, Shiina Sensei was here in the US (to get a taste of last year’s event, see blog). This year, he comes to the US again after a camp in Canada. And stay tuned for this year’s blog on this exciting event!

What better way to train … And right in time for our 2010 JKA AF National Tournament upcoming November 13th-14th at New Orleans. Have you booked your flight yet? Check out the details for JKA NorCal itinerary. Join us!

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