Back in training for 2011

Can you believe that Summer is almost upon us?  With Memorial Day just around the corner.

Hope you are training well, so many exciting events upcoming as well much to be thankful for last year with great results and experience from the JKA AF Nationals back in November.

If you missed Sensei Jose’s visit back in February, there are more of exciting guest instructors locally here in the Bay Area as well as instructional camps across the country.

Guest: JKA Instructor Kunio Kobayashi (6th Dan)

We are sorry to have missed this year’s first ever The Southern Open Karate Championships hosted by Sensei Joey Giluso (JKA of Ponchatoula) held in Hammond, Louisiana.  A good variety of karate styles and weapons competition was presented at this event.  You may want to plan for it next year and perhaps squeeze in a nice vacation in the southern region too.  Check out a well documented photoblog here that gives a flavor of the diversity in martial arts discipline  Southern Open Championships |



Almost upon our doorstep also in Louisiana is 2011 JKA/AF National Training Camp featuring JKA instructor Kunio Kobayashi (6th Dan).  It is hosted by JKA/AF HQ in New Orleans, LA.  A wonderful opportunity to fellowship and train with dojos around the country and our international karate-ka family.  Eat, sleep, training … karate heaven!  Also a forum where we share best practices and get qualified – JKA certification for judges, instructor and examiner.  Sensei Mikami is bringing to U.S. experienced and accomplished JKA instructors to help us grow and improve.  Take the opportunity …

if you are interested in going, please ask Sensei Khim or Christina for details on our travel plans and check out registration packet at JKA/AF site.  The camp starts on Thursday 6/2 with an evening class and ends on Sunday 6/5 morning.

Then in August JKA’s Funokoshi Cup will be held in Thailand with participants from our dojo (Sensei Khim) and before the year ends, an exciting 2011 JKA/AF Nationals and Goodwill Tournament is planned for Miami, Florida in Nov.

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