JKA NorCal Summer Seminar

JKA AF 2010 National Camp

In early June, JKA AF invites JKA instructor Sensei Kurasako (7th Dan) to 2010 JKA AF National Camp in New Orleans, LA (June 3-6). We are privileged to have elite JKA instructors here in the US each year to promote the high standards of traditional Japanese Shotokan karate. Sensei Kurasako is one of the respected Vice General Manager of Technical Division. It would be most enlightening to learn from him and understand his perspective of the art. This event, open to all martial arts organization, will offer learning opportunities from high level instructors as well as qualifications to JKA certifications for Dan ranking and Instructor – Judges – Examiner grading. Above all, a wonderful venue for karate-kas to build community in a learning environment!

For our west coast karate friends, Sensei Kurasako will be stopping in the Bay Area on his pacific route back to Japan for a 2-day JKA NorCal Summer Seminar (June 12-13). Check out the details for this event.

There has been few and far between opportunities for us karatekas here in the Bay Area to train with these elite JKA instructors locally. Most of the time, it is only afforded by those who have the time and resources to travel to the various national camps around the country and internationally. JKA NorCal aim to lean on JKA AF’s annual national camp and invite Sensei Mikami with visiting JKA headquarters instructor here to the SF Bay Area during their scheduled USA tour each summer. The plan for our Annual JKA NorCal Summer Seminar is a 2-day curriculum with classes for both students and instructors (June). Our venue/event will be a smaller setting and likely a more personal experience than a typical week-long camp. We are encouraging all our karate friends in the area to attend – it will be a program that will allow students and instructors to train with and meet our JKA instructors. We also hope to provide a memorable visit for our guest instructors – especially showing off the sights and scenery here in beautiful Bay Area!

2010 JKA NorCal Summer Seminar

We’ve just concluded a successful seminar … thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more exciting events with the JKA …

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