2010 JKA NorCal Summer Seminar (6/12-6/13)

An Excellent weekend of great instruction, camaraderie and training …

Here are more pictures of the Sensei(s) in our classes:

All Ranks Class with Sensei Mikami & Sensei Kurasako
Advanced Rank Class with Sensei Mikami & Sensei Kurasako

Our seminar was just a sample of JKA AF’s annual national camp in New Orleans last weekend. Nonetheless, we are happy to host the Sensei(s) here in the Bay Area and share the good instruction with our fellow karate-kas here in the Northern California.

We worked on “Kihon” (Basics), “Kata” (Forms) and “Kumite” (Sparring) techniques. A call out for us to work on keeping our hip position at consistent height level throughout our katas and more attention on “Zanshin” (the perfect finish) in kumite.

Dan Exams & Kyu Tests (6/13/10)
Dan Exams & Kyu Tests (6/13/10)

CONGRATULATIONS to all who passed their JKA Qualifications, DAN exams and KYU tests:

KHIM TORRES                (“C” Instructor)
CHRISTINA FOO            (“C” Judge, GODAN)
JOHN SAM                    (SANDAN)
HIDEAKI HAYASHI         (“D” Judge)
SHIN IKUNO                 (NIDAN)
KORE CHAN                  (NIDAN)
BRIAN NG                    (SHODAN)
BEN DONES                  (SHODAN)
JIMMY DONES              (SHODAN)

(1B)  Kym Masayuki Torres
(2 ) Esteban Arcaute
(4 ) Brian Lee
(4 ) Patrick Lee
(4 ) Garren Lum
(4 ) Camri Stuhler
(4 ) Ciara Stuhler
(5 ) Ivan Alvaro
(5 ) Scott Fedorchak
(5 ) William Urrutia
(5 ) Zuri Yip
(5B) Devon Ramos
(6 ) Bethany Dean
(6 ) JunJun Chan
(6 ) Patrick Hoskins
(6 ) Joseph Lee
(6 ) Gabriel Sherr
(6 ) Cherilyn Yu
(6 ) Christopher Yu
(7 ) Doreen Baires
(7 ) Sonny Batasin
(7 ) Danny Keh
(7 ) Carrie Lei

JKA Instructors: Sensei Takayuki Mikami (8th Dan) and Sensei Kenro Kurasako (7th Dan)
VENUE:  Burlingame, CA (@ Prime Time Athletic Club) Click here for directions.

All Ranks and Black Belt class in the morning ($50* – if you are a black belt you can stay for both classes)
Instructor class in the afternoon ($20*).  Black belts only but you do not have to be an instructor to attend.  This class will instructional based focusing on instructor’s training.

* Please pre-register for Saturday classes which will include a day pass to Prime Time Athletic Club ($20 value) your pass will be held at the reception for you.  Email info@jkanorcal.org to pre-register.  We will email you forms and instructions for you to mail check to our dojo or print out these JKA NorCal Summer Seminar Registration Forms and mail to JKA NorCal to pre-register.

Otherwise, walk-ins on that day you will have to pay for the day pass directly to Prime Time at the reception as well as the seminar fees to JKA NorCal for the classes.  Spectators, please pay at the reception $20 for a Prime Time Day Pass to get in.

Pre-register for upcoming seminar in June.


June 12th:  (Sat)

9:30 am – 10:45 am All Ranks Class   (Sensei Kurasako)
— 15 minutes break
11:00 am – 12:15 pm Black Belt Class
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm LUNCH SOCIAL with the Sensei(s) – Tribu Grill, San Bruno, CA
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Instructor Class (Sensei Mikami)
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm DINNER SOCIAL with the Sensei(s) – Dinner @ Steelhead Brewery in Burlingame, CA

June 13th:  (Sun)

9:30 am – 11:00 am JKA NorCal Kyu & Dan Testing   (Sensei Kurasako and Sensei Mikami)
12 noon – 5 pm PICNIC SOCIAL with the Sensei(s) – NAPA Valley

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