Andre Bertel Sensei Visit

Thank you Sensei Andre for visiting with us and for the awesome instruction!

Thanks for embracing our JKA community, your encouragement and inspiring advice but most of all, for extending your friendship to us.

Photo of JKA NorCal with Sensei Andre Bertel
Back row lf to rt: John Sam, Wariman Borges, Rosh Torres, Brian Ng, Zuri Yip, Yuki Torres, Sensei Christina Foo, Sensei Andre Bertel, Sensei Khim Torres, Justin Howe, Ciara Stuhler, Jett, Mathew Bittleston
Front row lf to rt: Doug Mazur, Paul Breslow, Daejin Abidoye, Cylie Stuhler, Carrie Lei, Joyce Wong, Christian Leung, Paulina Zamalin, Sammi Yeung, William Urrutia, Sean Kelley

Sensei Andre & Sensei KhimSensei Andre & Sensei Christina

Sensei Khim, Sensei Andre, Rosh & Yuki

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