Dojo results from 2011 JKA/AF Nationals

Congratulations team!  We had a splendid time in Miami at the tournament. Hard training, strong spirit, great camaraderie and good cheer at this annual event.  Miami Shotokan Karate Club were excellent hosts for our karate community.  Thank you parents and family who came and supported us.  Although there were some injuries this year – we came through it with the experience for improvement.  A new Women’s Kata team is formed!  Thank you Doreen for stepping up.

CONGRATULATIONS to WAURIMAN BORGES who passed his SANDAN test!  You made us proud.


Men Team Kata – 3rd Place (John Sam/Hideaki Hayashi/Wauriman Borges)
Women Team Kata – 2nd Place (Jennifer Madore/Joyce Wong/Doreen Baires)
Women Team Kumite – 3rd Place (Christina Foo/Jennifer Madore/Joyce Wong)
(13 and older) Youth Team Kata – 2nd Place (Kym Yoroshiku Torres/Brian Ng/Kim Masayuki Torres)
(12 and under) Youth Team Kata – 2nd Place (Garren Lum/Audrey Durazzo/Zuri Yip)
 1. Khim Torres – 2nd kumite & 3rd kata (Men’s Adult Blackbelt)
 2. Christina Foo –  2nd kata (Women’s Adult Blackbelt); 2nd kumite & 2nd kata (Women’s Senior)
 3. Kym Yoroshiku Torres – 1st kata & 1st kumite (Youth 13 and older)
 4. Brian Ng – 3rd kumite (Youth 13 and older)
 5. Kim Masayuki Torres – 2nd kumite & 2nd kata (Youth 12 and under)
 6. Philip Hu – 1st kata (Youth 7-8yrs)
 7. Jennifer Madore – 1st kumite & 2nd kata (Women’s Adult Brownbelt)
 8. Doreen Baires – 1st kumite & 2nd kata (Women’s Adult Colorbelt)
 9. Joyce Wong – 3rd kumite (Women’s Adult Brownbelt)
10.Sonny Batasin – 1st kumite & 1st kata (Men’s Adult Colorbelt)
A strong showing for the dojo – let’s do it again next year!

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