Ozawa Cup (Mar 28-31, 2013)

JKA NorCal competed in the Ozawa Cup and did very well. This international event was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and had over 800 competitors. Our dojo is listed as one of the Top 5 schools with most Gold Medals as well as in the Top 12 schools with the most number of medals.


Men’s Kumite Team photos at the awards ceremony:


The Philippine youth team came to visit our Dojo before the event, and also competed at the tournament.


Here are the JKA NorCal results:

Individual Competition:

  1. Philip Hu – 1st kata & 2nd kumite
  2. Carrie Lei -1st kumite & 2nd kata
  3. Cylie Stuhler – 2nd kumite
  4. Ciara Stuhler – 1st kumite & 2nd kata
  5. Zuri Yip – 3rd kumite
  6. Rosh Torres – 1st kata & 1st kumite
  7. Yuki Torres – 3rd kumite & 3rd kata
  8. Polina Zamalin – competed
  9. Camri Stuhler – competed
  10. Justin Huwe – competed
  11. Daejin Abidoye – competed
  12. Brian Ng – competed
  13. John Sam – competed
  14. Mathew Bittleston – competed

Men’s team kumite – 3rd Place

  1. John Sam
  2. Mathew Bittleston
  3. Khim Torres
  4. Daejin Abidoye

Congratulations to everyone!

Sensei Jose Ferrand in San Francisco, CA

Sensei Jose in SF 2013
Sensei Jose with Khim Torres, Amy Wong, John Sam, Rosh Torres, Joyce Wong, Zuri Yip, Yuki Torres, Zabby Ferrand, Nan Santiago, Hans Shulz, Christina Foo and Mathew Bittleston.

Sensei Jose Ferrand of Miami Shotokan, JKA 6th Dan and a coach to the US Team, will be in San Francisco from August 9th until August 11.

There will be three clinics, and the Prime Time league tournament:

Fri 8/09/13 7:00p-8:30p PrimeTime Athletic Club (Studio 2)
Sat 8/10/13 9:00a-11:00a Prime Time Athletic Club (Studio 1)
Prime Time League (tournament) on Saturday after class. All are welcome!
Sun 8/11/13 9:00a-11:00a PrimeTime Athletic Club (Studio 2)

Please contact Sensei Khim or Sensei Christina for more information.

JKA/AF Nationals 2012

We had a great time in New Orleans for the JKA / AF Nationals 2012.

JKA NorCal competitors at JKA/AF Nationals 2012
The JKA Nor Cal competitors

Fourteen students and both senseis from our dojo competed in New Orleans this year. Most of the competitors brought home medals in their divisions:

Cylie Stuhler: 1st place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Yuki Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Ciara Stuhler: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Camri Stuhler: 3rd place Kata
Rosh Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Brian Ng: 3rd place Kata
Zuri Yip: 2nd place Kata, 3rd place Kumite
Christina Foo: 2nd place Kata (Sr Black Belt), 2nd place Kumite (Sr Black Belt), 3rd place Kata (Black Belt), 3rd place Kumite (Black Belt)
Hans Schultz: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Khim Torres: 2nd place Kata, 2nd place Kumite
Emerson Malalos: 3rd place Kata

Youth Team Kata: 3rd place (Camri, Ciara, Zuri)
Men Team Kata: 2nd place (Khim, Emerson, John)
Women Team Kumite: 3rd place (Christina, Jenn, Joyce)
Men Team Kumite: 3rd place (Khim, John, Mathew)

Here are some photos from the tournament:

Thank you to the families for their support!

The full JKA Nor Cal Team and Parents
The JKA Nor Cal Medalists and Families


Save the Date: 2011 JKA/AF Nationals & Collegiate Goodwill Tournament in Miami, Florida

The Tournament Registration packet is ready – Download PDF and Download Poster for the event.

There is a website for the nationals: http://jkaafnationals.org/travel/
Checkout TRAVEL INFO for discount codes.The registration packet will be forthcoming.  Here are the details for our San Francisco team going to Miami, FL.

Due to the time change and getting acclimated before competition, we recommend leaving on Thurs (11/10) returning on Mon (11/14).  We have a 5% discount with American Airlines (current published RT airfare of $390 with discount).  NOTE: non-stop “red-eye” overnight flight, leaving on Thu night and arriving Fri morning.

11/10 (thu)   AA 272  SFO 8:50p – MIA 5:10a
11/14 (mon) AA 431  MIA 8:30a – SFO 11:20a

11/13 (sun)  AA954  MIA 8:00p – SFO 10:50p   *Alternative return flight – for those who need to leave early, it is a non-stop getting back to the Bay Area Sun night, it will cost more though.

Or if you don’t flyining into Fort Lauderdale (35 miles away from Miami), Virgin America flies direct from SFO-FLL.  But you will need to fly during the day on Thursday.  You will most definitely need to rent a car. Virgin America’s itinerary below is priced at $359.38 for roundtrip.

11/10 (thu)   VS 342  SFO 8:35a – FLL 4:55p
11/14 (mon) VS 345  FLL 10:30a – SFO 1:55p

Holiday Inn on 1350 South Dixie Highway, Coral Gables, FL 33146 www.hicoralgables.comis across the street from the university campus. It is non-smoking with free parking, wireless high-speed internet and outdoor pool facility. They have offered us a group rate of $99/nt Group Code: JKA). This location is ideal if you are not renting a car and can walk across US-1 highway to the tournament. It is also walking distance to nearby Sunset Place shopping area and directly across MetroRail station. T:(305)667-5611

Country Inn & Suites on 11750 Mills Dr, Miami, FL, 33183 www.countryinns.com is close to Miami Shotokan Karate Club dojo (2.5 miles, 7 mins away) and from the university (8 miles, 14 mins away). Current advanced purchased internet rate is $82/nt – it is a cheaper alternative for those who have transportation. Also a good location in Kendall with shops, restaurants and movie theatres within walking distances. It has high-speed internet, a suite setting with microwave and fridge in room.

2011 JKA/AF Nationals & Collegiate Goodwill Tournament.

2010 JKA AF National Tournament (11/13-11/14)

We are gathering a team from JKA NorCal to participate in 2010 JKA AF National Tournament held at the University of New Orleans the weekend of November 13th – 14th. Please let Sensei Khim know if you are interested in joining us.

Registration Packet. All registrations are due to JKA AF, postmarked by 10/30/10.


Fri 12 NOV DELTA 1006     LV LOS ANGELES 1248A

Mon 15 NOV DELTA 2349  LV ATLANTA 305P


Group rate negotiated use “JKA AF” promo code.  But need to book by 10/29/10.


Ramada Limited Metairie
2713 North Causeway
Metairie, LA 70002

(504) 835-4141

Ozawa Cup 2010

We’re back from Vegas after a very successful tournament for JKA AF/NorCal at this year’s 2010 Ozawa Cup (April 1-4). It is an International Karate Tournament to honor Shihan Osamu Ozawa – a popular open tournament promoting Peace, Unity and Harmony amongst karatekas training in any style of traditional karate (a core value which our dojo embraces). Additionally, we represented JKA AF team in support of our JKA AF Chief Instructor Takayuki Mikami who is officiating at this event as Advisor & Chief Referee.  For more details, check out www.ozawacup.com

Ozawa Cup 2010 JKA AF Team with Sensei Mikami

Our training plan these past few months have paid off – our dojo brought in 12 medals totaling JKA AF’s 16 medals at this tournament. A commendable performance for a team of 10 competitors. Many thanks to Sensei Mikami who treated us to dinner after a successful “finals” on Sunday.

An an added treat for this experience is getting to know and train with our new team mates in JKA AF from Miami and New Orleans (Andres, Ray & Holly). Good training, good cheer, good camaraderie and celebration. Looking forward to reconvene in June at 2010 JKA AF National Camp in New Orleans …

JKA NorCal's Brian Ng & family

And many thanks to JKA NorCal’s Brian Ng & family  (Kenneth, May, Yvonne and Melinda) who were so supportive driving in from Bay Area to share in Brian’s new experience competing at an international tournament and cheering on the JKA NorCal team at the venue.  We had great fun at CircusCircus to celebrate with the kids – thanks for taking us there.  We wish them more fun days during their Spring Break visiting the Grand Canyon!


JKA AF/NorCal Men’s Team Kata (Gold) – Khim Torres, John Sam & Shin Ikuno
JKA AF Women’s Team Kumite (Bronze) – Christina Foo, Raymunda Semana & Holly Damico

Khim Torres – Individual Men’s Kumite (Gold) 18-34yrs
Christina Foo – Senior 1 Women’s Kumite (Gold) 35-45 yrs; Senior 1 Women’s Kata (Silver)
Raymunda Semana – Individual Women’s Kata (Silver) 18-34yrs; Individual Women’s Kumite (Bronze)
John Sam – WKF Men’s Kumite (Bronze) 18-34yrs
Shin Ikuno – Youth Male Kumite (Silver) 15-17yrs; Youth Male Kata (Bronze)
Kym Yoroshiku Torres – Junior Male Kumite (Bronze) 10-12yrs; Junior Male Kata (Bronze)

Brian Ng – Junior Male Kata & Kumite (brown belt participation) 10-12yrs
Kim Masayuki Torres – Junior Male Kata & Kumite (brown belt participation) 8-9yrs

Congratulations to all the hard work and training JKA NorCal team!
Thank you Sensei Mikami for the celebratory dinner at Flamingo’s Paradise Buffet …
Thanks to folks from Doctor Hoy’s – love that healing potion on our aches & bruises …
And Debbie Eidelman, thank you for the nice excursion to Las Vegas Chinatown. We had a nice departing meal at Sam’s BBQ …

All South Karate Championship

The Louisiana Karate Association hosted their “All South Karate Championship” last weekend and featured Sensei Khim and Sensei Christina on the flyer! See the link below to check out the great action shots:

Here are the photos:

Sensei Christina is happy to demonstrate this punch to anyone sparring with her.
Standing around on one leg? Sensei Khim is going to sweep you!

JKA AF Nationals 2009

Congratulations JKA NorCal for an impressive showing at JKA American Federation 2009 National Tournament in New Orleans, LA. Dedication to training and commitment to excellence resulted in awesome results for the team. And best of all, we made our goal – everyone came home with a medal:

JKA NorCal team

Sensei Khim – 2 Bronze (Individual Mens Kumite & Kata); 2 Silver (Team Mens Kumite & Kata)

Hideaki Hayashi – 1 Silver (Team Mens Kumite)

John Sam – 2 Silver (Team Mens Kumite & Kata)

Shin Ikuno – 1 Gold (Youth Kata) and 1 Silver (Youth Kumite); 1 Silver (Team Mens Kata)

Rosh Torres – 2 Gold (Children Kumite & Kata)

Yuki Torres – 2 Bronze (Children Kumite & Kata)

Garren Lum – 1 Bronze (Children Kata)

Silvia Fernandez – 2 Silver (Womens Adult and Womens Collegiate Kata)

Christina Foo – 2 Gold (Senior Women Kumite & Kata); 2 Silver (Individual Womens Kumite & Kata)

(see full results of tournament at JKA AF site)

A huge thank you to our friends & family who came on the trip with us and made the experience memorable! Esteban Arcuate who showed persistence and good cheer despite a hectic travel to our venue and taught us to make the best of a situation and enjoy the moments. Nan Santiago and Grande Lum who took care of us as “superb” parents of the team and was there in almost every ring helping us get footage of memorable moments. Hermina Fonticiella who gave helpful advice for a sick boy and a keen eye/feedback for karate. And Mike Gomez for your generous friendship when celebrating at ACME’s Seafood – hope to see you again soon.

JKA NorCal family

We look forward to more of our students sharing this wonderful experience with us and exploring more of New Orleans people and cuisine next year!

(check out JKA NorCal 2010 calendar that photo documented our trip)

A nice article on our event published in Prime Time Athletic Club Newsletter in “Athlete of the Edition”.  Here is the original with more pics and quotes from Nan.

Prime Time Karate Program instructor and members bring home medals at National Championships in New Orleans, LA (Nov 7-8, 2009)

Instructor Khim Torres, a seasoned competitor who has represented both his native Philippines and the US National teams, began teaching at Prime Time’s Karate Program in February 2009. Sensei Khim comes from a three-generation karate family.  He began training at the age of four with his father, Sensei Ruperto, and now instructs his sons Rosh and Masayuki.  Khim has a degree in Psychology and worked as a health, music and physical education teacher before migrating to the United States in 2002.  He is now a full-time karate instructor.

Khim led a team of nine Prime Time members to the Japan Karate Association American Federation’s National Championship in New Orleans, LA – and everyone returned home with a medal!   Part of the lifetime discipline of training and wellness in the martial arts program, Sensei Khim brings his experiences in competition to the curriculum by inspiring a higher aspiration beyond belt promotion among our kids and members.


This year, the Santiago-Lum family took on the challenge by bringing their son Garren to New Orleans for his first National tournament as a green belt.  Their commitment to this endeavor included attending extra Saturday tournament training classes a month before the event.  Garren came home with a bronze medal for sparring and a renewed confidence and attitude for life.


I enjoyed being a part of this journey! Garren had a blast too! He is even more responsible when we came back from the trip…taking the doggie out for her doggie business in the AM. Karate has done wonderful things in terms of discipline for him.” – Nan Santiago-Lum.

“The whole experience of the tournament was very exciting.  It is my first tournament and I will try my best to do well so that my parents will take me again next year.  The food was very good too, especially ACME seafood.” — Garren Lum

We look forward to many more successes in our Prime Time Karate Program in 2010.  Congratulations to Sensei Khim and our members for all of your hard work!

Happy Training!

JKA NorCal team arriving on the day of the JKA AF National Tournament

The 2009 JKA American Federation National Tournament is this November 7 and 8th in New Orleans!  A group of your fellow students, practioners and friends will be going to represent JKA NorCal this year.  Below is the information for our flight, hotel and more details about the tournament.  Please feel free to contact Sensei or any of your Sempais for more information.  We welcome everyone to come out to participate or cheer us on.



Tournament Brochure


Air Trans Airway

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Flight 38 [Non-Stop]

Departing San Francisco, CA (SFO) at 11:59 PM

Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 07:35 AM

— Connecting To —

Friday, November 06, 2009

Flight 463 [Non-Stop]

Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 09:30 AM

Arriving New Orleans, LA (MSY) at 10:03 AM

Monday, November 09, 2009

Flight 447 [Non-Stop]

Departing New Orleans, LA (MSY) at 04:08 PM

Arriving Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 06:33 PM

— Connecting To —

Monday, November 09, 2009

Flight 67 [Non-Stop]

Departing Atlanta, GA (ATL) at 08:40 PM

Arriving San Francisco, CA (SFO) at 11:12 PM


(Sempai Christina Foo is getting more information on a group discount, so more information to come)

Ramada Limited Metairie


2713 North Causeway

Metairie, LA 70002

(504) 835-4141