2014 Funakoshi World Karate Cup

A great turn out! Thank you to everyone that supported our very own JKA NorCal (US team members) who participated in the recent Funakoshi World Karate Cup held in Tokyo, Japan. This is a world tournament that is held every 3 years – hosted in Japan this year. 53 countries participated with estimated numbers of more than 1200 world-class competitors.

JKA NorCal representatives in the USA team (from left): Zuri Yip, Sensei Christina Foo (coach), Sensei Khim Torres, Phillip Hu, Ciara Stuhler
JKA NorCal representatives in the USA team (from left):
Zuri Yip, Sensei Christina Foo (coach), Sensei Khim Torres, Phillip Hu, Ciara Stuhler

Our JKA NorCal team performed very well when considering most are first-time competitors in a world level tournament. The team was headed and coached by Sensei Christina Foo (5th degree black belt), who is an experienced, world-class karate-ka herself.

USA Team and coaches
USA Team and coaches

Here are some pictures of the USA team Kata:

USA Team Kata


Sensei Khim Kumite
Sensei Khim team kumite match.

photo 3


Our team fought hard and everyone had a great time in Japan – making new friends from different countries and sharing experiences and cultures. These were memories to last a lifetime for our young team.

Tournament Results:

  1. Philip Hu – placed 6th in kata, boys 9 yrs old
  2. Ciara Stuhler – competed in kata & kumite, girls 12-13 yrs old
  3. Zuri Yip – placed 6th in kata, female 16-18 yrs old
  4. Rosh Torres – tied to 4th/5th place in kata, male 16-18 yrs old
  5. Sensei Khim Torres – placed 6th in men’s team kata with team mates from Chicago (IL) & Miami (FL)

Once again, thank you all for your kind help and support. We are already setting our sights for the team to work hard towards preparing for the next world championship!


5th JKA NorCal Shotokan Karate League

The 5th JKA NorCal Shotokan Karate League will be open to outside dojos for the first time this year. The tournament will be held on August 30th at the Prime Time Athletic Club. This year, the proceeds of our league will help fund our Youth US Team Members to compete in Gichin Funakoshi World Cup in Tokyo, Japan in October 2014. We will also have Shihan Takayuki Mikami (9th dan and chief instructor of JKA/American Federation) as our guest.


This tournament will be pre-registration only. Registration forms must be postmarked no later than August 22nd. (Prime Time karate members can register at the front desk). With your help and support, we expect this league to be another great success. We will be awarding medals for lst, 2nd and 3rd place.

We look forward to seeing you and we thank you in advance for your support.

Tournament Rules Registration Form Invitation Letter

LOCATION: PRIME TIME ATHLETIC CLUB, 1230 Rollins Road, Burlingame, Ca. 94010


1. Individual Kata
2. Individual Kumite
3. Team Kata (Intermediate & advanced)

YOUTH DIVISION: (Boys & Girls Combined)

ADULT KATA & KUMITE DIVISION: (MALE & FEMALE) (Shobu Ippon for all adult kumite events)
3. ADVANCED DIVISION = BROWN & BLACK BELTS (3rd kyu- 1st dan only)


1. Green to Purple Belts (6th Kyu – 4th Kyu) = (head gear, white hand pads, foot gear & mouth guard)
2. Brown & Black Belts (3″‘ Kyu – 1“ Dan) = (hand pads & mouth guard)

1. Beginners to Advanced Belts = (hand pads & mouth guard)

Andre Bertel Sensei Visit

Thank you Sensei Andre for visiting with us and for the awesome instruction!

Thanks for embracing our JKA community, your encouragement and inspiring advice but most of all, for extending your friendship to us.

Photo of JKA NorCal with Sensei Andre Bertel
Back row lf to rt: John Sam, Wariman Borges, Rosh Torres, Brian Ng, Zuri Yip, Yuki Torres, Sensei Christina Foo, Sensei Andre Bertel, Sensei Khim Torres, Justin Howe, Ciara Stuhler, Jett, Mathew Bittleston
Front row lf to rt: Doug Mazur, Paul Breslow, Daejin Abidoye, Cylie Stuhler, Carrie Lei, Joyce Wong, Christian Leung, Paulina Zamalin, Sammi Yeung, William Urrutia, Sean Kelley

Sensei Andre & Sensei KhimSensei Andre & Sensei Christina

Sensei Khim, Sensei Andre, Rosh & Yuki

Ozawa Cup (Mar 28-31, 2013)

JKA NorCal competed in the Ozawa Cup and did very well. This international event was held at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and had over 800 competitors. Our dojo is listed as one of the Top 5 schools with most Gold Medals as well as in the Top 12 schools with the most number of medals.


Men’s Kumite Team photos at the awards ceremony:


The Philippine youth team came to visit our Dojo before the event, and also competed at the tournament.


Here are the JKA NorCal results:

Individual Competition:

  1. Philip Hu – 1st kata & 2nd kumite
  2. Carrie Lei -1st kumite & 2nd kata
  3. Cylie Stuhler – 2nd kumite
  4. Ciara Stuhler – 1st kumite & 2nd kata
  5. Zuri Yip – 3rd kumite
  6. Rosh Torres – 1st kata & 1st kumite
  7. Yuki Torres – 3rd kumite & 3rd kata
  8. Polina Zamalin – competed
  9. Camri Stuhler – competed
  10. Justin Huwe – competed
  11. Daejin Abidoye – competed
  12. Brian Ng – competed
  13. John Sam – competed
  14. Mathew Bittleston – competed

Men’s team kumite – 3rd Place

  1. John Sam
  2. Mathew Bittleston
  3. Khim Torres
  4. Daejin Abidoye

Congratulations to everyone!

JKA/AF Nationals 2012

We had a great time in New Orleans for the JKA / AF Nationals 2012.

JKA NorCal competitors at JKA/AF Nationals 2012
The JKA Nor Cal competitors

Fourteen students and both senseis from our dojo competed in New Orleans this year. Most of the competitors brought home medals in their divisions:

Cylie Stuhler: 1st place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Yuki Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Ciara Stuhler: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Camri Stuhler: 3rd place Kata
Rosh Torres: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Brian Ng: 3rd place Kata
Zuri Yip: 2nd place Kata, 3rd place Kumite
Christina Foo: 2nd place Kata (Sr Black Belt), 2nd place Kumite (Sr Black Belt), 3rd place Kata (Black Belt), 3rd place Kumite (Black Belt)
Hans Schultz: 2nd place Kata, 1st place Kumite
Khim Torres: 2nd place Kata, 2nd place Kumite
Emerson Malalos: 3rd place Kata

Youth Team Kata: 3rd place (Camri, Ciara, Zuri)
Men Team Kata: 2nd place (Khim, Emerson, John)
Women Team Kumite: 3rd place (Christina, Jenn, Joyce)
Men Team Kumite: 3rd place (Khim, John, Mathew)

Here are some photos from the tournament:

Thank you to the families for their support!

The full JKA Nor Cal Team and Parents
The JKA Nor Cal Medalists and Families


Sensei Mikami in the Bay Area 10/13/12

We are so proud to welcome our six (6) new JKA NorCal SHODANs!  We thank Sensei Mikami for coming to the Bay Area for our DAN/KYU test on October 13, 2012.  Welcome JKA/AF LAS VEGAS dojo as well for joining us in Sensei Mikami’s Clinic and testing/certifying with JKA.

Congratulations to our JKA NorCal dojo’s new Blackbelts!

Justin Huwe
Camri Stuhler
Ciara Stuhler
Audrey Durazzo
Kim Masayuki Torres
Jennifer Madore

And Las Vegas dojo’s new certified JKA Nidans!

Gedion Soulimen
Maynard Bagang
Bienvenido Dones

Heading to Miami for 2011 JKA/AF Nationals …

JKA NorCal Women and Youth teams

It is that time of year …. NATIONALS! This year we are off to Coral Gables, FL for the challenge. We have a few more going this year from JKA NorCal/Prime Time. Two kids team! The Men’s team and this year a Women’s team (finally).

Everyone has been training hard over the past month preparing for the event.  We have our jackets ready, DoGi pressed, sparring gloves seasoned, and spirits high …

Thank you Senpai Emerson and Kore for holding down the fort at home court keeping classes going for the dojo.  Stay tuned for updates on our Facebook page and tweets on results. Cheer for us at JKA/AF Nationals website!

JKA NorCal Men team

2011 Summer Training is heating up …

July 2011 MSKC 18th Anniversary
Sunrise Beach Practice at Key Biscayne, FL
6am in the morning








We are always connected with our karate family.  Sensei Christina was back in Miami, Florida to celebrate 18th year Dojo Anniversary with Miami Shotokan Karate Club– enjoying festivities with Beach Training at Key Biscayne, FL.  Train with some of USA team members, family and friends.

JKA NorCal Newsletter published 07/02/11


NEW UPDATE: KYU belt promotion test 06/18/11 results are posted.  If you are interested in planning for November’s National Tournament click here for details.

We are back from JKA/AF National Training Camp in New Orleans (blog https://jkanorcal.org/archives/821).

2011 JKA/AF National Training Camp (Sensei Mikami and Sensei Kobayashi)


Sensei Kunio Kobayashi was truly an example of the high standards of JKA instruction. He inspired us to strive for continuous improvement and encouraged instructors to create the right environment for development.  Furthermore, it was so nice to reconnect with all our friends – learning, communing and playing together – good spirit of karate. Congratulations to Sensei Khim, Christina and John for qualifying on their JKA certifications!

12th Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Karate-Do Championship 2011

Glad to be back here in the Bay Area.  We are preparing for our upcoming Belt Promotion test for JKA NorCal/Prime Time students on 6/18/11. Summer training is definitely heating up – dojo students are preparing for their rank test.


Black belt students are supporting Sensei Khim in helping him train for the upcoming 12th Funakoshi Gichin Cup World Karate-Do Championship 2011 to be held in Pattaya, Thailand (Aug18-Aug21) hosted by JKA Thailand (details on event).  Anyone interested in traveling to support the team, feel free to contact us if you want more details how to travel with the team.  So proud to be cheering on the USA team who are comprised of JKA/AF members as well as our affiliate JKA from Sensei Masataka Mori’s students – GO TEAM USA!

There are a slew of exciting karate camps offered by JKA this summer …

If you enjoy and want more of the South Louisiana hospitality, consider 2011 Annual Acadiana JKA/AF Karate Training Camp and Dan Exam (Aug 5-7) in Lafayette, LA.  It is their 9th annual event hosted by JKA instructors Scott Decuir and Lane Nevils and will feature Master Mikami (JKA 8th Dan) the entire camp!

Plakat-Gasshuku, Herford, DE
Karate Camp in Europe (Herford, DE)


One overseas is a really fun camp in Germany – the Gasshuku held in Herford hosted by JKA/WF EUROPE on Aug1-Aug5.  It is Sensei Ochi’s National Training Camp held annually every summer.  They have a panel of distinguished JKA instructors (from Europe and JKA HQ) offering a selection of class for only 100EUR … and furthermore, stocked with beer tent every night and disco night!  Our JKA karate family around the world … train hard and play hard.  If anyone is interested in attending, please contact foo@jkanorcal.org.


But something closer to home that you can plan for is our 2011 JKA/AF Nationals & Collegiate Goodwill Tournament to be held at the University of Miami, in Coral Gables, Florida (Nov 12-13).  An all SHOTOKAN competition at an exciting venue with many international countries planning to be in attendance (Goodwill Tournament).   Anyone interested in  participating or attending, feel free to contact us at info@jkanorcal.org or info@miamishotokan.org

SAVE THE DATE … check out this video on the upcoming event.

Back in training for 2011

Can you believe that Summer is almost upon us?  With Memorial Day just around the corner.

Hope you are training well, so many exciting events upcoming as well much to be thankful for last year with great results and experience from the JKA AF Nationals back in November.

If you missed Sensei Jose’s visit back in February, there are more of exciting guest instructors locally here in the Bay Area as well as instructional camps across the country.

Guest: JKA Instructor Kunio Kobayashi (6th Dan)

We are sorry to have missed this year’s first ever The Southern Open Karate Championships hosted by Sensei Joey Giluso (JKA of Ponchatoula) held in Hammond, Louisiana.  A good variety of karate styles and weapons competition was presented at this event.  You may want to plan for it next year and perhaps squeeze in a nice vacation in the southern region too.  Check out a well documented photoblog here that gives a flavor of the diversity in martial arts discipline  Southern Open Championships | allysonokeefe.com.



Almost upon our doorstep also in Louisiana is 2011 JKA/AF National Training Camp featuring JKA instructor Kunio Kobayashi (6th Dan).  It is hosted by JKA/AF HQ in New Orleans, LA.  A wonderful opportunity to fellowship and train with dojos around the country and our international karate-ka family.  Eat, sleep, training … karate heaven!  Also a forum where we share best practices and get qualified – JKA certification for judges, instructor and examiner.  Sensei Mikami is bringing to U.S. experienced and accomplished JKA instructors to help us grow and improve.  Take the opportunity …

if you are interested in going, please ask Sensei Khim or Christina for details on our travel plans and check out registration packet at JKA/AF site.  The camp starts on Thursday 6/2 with an evening class and ends on Sunday 6/5 morning.

Then in August JKA’s Funokoshi Cup will be held in Thailand with participants from our dojo (Sensei Khim) and before the year ends, an exciting 2011 JKA/AF Nationals and Goodwill Tournament is planned for Miami, Florida in Nov.

Fall into the groove with training, Nationals is fast approaching …

A fabulous summer with good instruction and strong basic training paying off with success in KYU examinations and DAN testing. Congratulations to all who passed their belt promotions and certifications. What fun we had in celebration of the hard work!

In keeping with tradition, we celebrated one of our new DAN certification with Beach Training at Pomponio State Beach in California’s West Coast on 21Aug2010 (congratulations PatBurns on Nidan!). A beautiful venue for karate pictures in scenic background. Much thanks to Kore Chan and dad, David for our memorable pictures. In fact, we compiled some good footage for our new JKA NorCal 2011 Calendar poster.

Over the summer, we also took time to participate in some local events building ties with our martial arts community and introducing more of our students to “special training”. Well done everyone – glad to see you all exploring new experiences.

We have been keeping up with our planned curriculum with John Sam’s 2nd Series of Conditioning this year when summer ended. As well lots of basic training (as prescribed by Sensei Kurasako over the summer) preparing for KYU and DAN examination.

The results can be attested at our recent Fall Belt Promotion and League on October 16th. Congratulations, everyone showed marked improvement and good spirit at the league. Check out the results on our blog with more pictures posted.

Upcoming next is an awesome camp in Miami, FL with reknown JKA instructor Shiina for a week! He returns for an encore camp at Miami Shotokan Karate Club and the Univ. of Miami from 10/26/10 – 10/31/10 (for only U$150) info. A year ago April, Shiina Sensei was here in the US (to get a taste of last year’s event, see blog). This year, he comes to the US again after a camp in Canada. And stay tuned for this year’s blog on this exciting event!

What better way to train … And right in time for our 2010 JKA AF National Tournament upcoming November 13th-14th at New Orleans. Have you booked your flight yet? Check out the details for JKA NorCal itinerary. Join us!